Therapy for Trauma

EMDR: Therapy for Trauma

Here’s what I can say about EMDR: I was one way before I did EMDR and I was completely different after.

Our brains naturally want to go towards healing and when you give the brain a tool such as EMDR, powerful healing happens. The reason I was so different after EMDR was because I had significantly lightened the load my brain had been carrying for so many years. The message received that day, by my brain, body, and spirit was that I no longer needed to be on heightened alert for some lethal event. The people around me were so relieved to realize I was finally able to chill.

I’ve witnessed those I assist through the application of EMDR benefit from the qualitative effects of the treatment. I’ve watched a doorway open in the brain that allows my clients to joyfully add tons of healing, wisdom, peace and self-compassion to both their self-concept and their relationships.

"Between Stimulus and Response There is a Space. In That Space is Our Power to Choose Our Response. In Our Response Lies Our Growth and Our Freedom."

-Viktor Frankl
EMDR is a well-researched and widely used modality for survivors of trauma. In addition to treating trauma it is highly effective in helping us release negative thoughts and belief systems that keep us trapped in feeling poorly about ourselves and help us break the loop of crummy relationships.

You’ll find EMDR most useful in your life if you’re at a place where change is the only option. You may have tried other therapies and instead of throwing your hands up and resigning yourself to life as it is, you are ready to get shit done!

If you’re ready to experience some freedom from painful memories and icky belief systems call for a free 20 minute phone or video consultation.

Lydia Kickliter, LPC | Asheville Therapist for Women Survivors

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