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Therapies for Trauma

EMDR /ART: Therapies for Trauma

EMDR and ART are both eye movement therapy. They incorporate bilateral stimulation of the brain, which helps to soothe the brain so that traumatic memories can be revisited without the participant being retraumatized.

Here’s what I can say about eye movement therapies: I was one way before I did eye movement therapy and I was completely different after.

Our brains naturally want to go towards healing and when you give the brain a tool such as EMDR or ART, powerful healing happens. The reason I was so different after eye movement therapy was because I had significantly lightened the load my brain had been carrying for so many years. The process allowed me to see the things I had experienced differently and allowed me to finally move towards posttraumatic growth!

"Progress through something traumatic, it’s not linear. It’s not like we go from unhealthy to healthy, failure to success. I think it’s all circular. You just come back around to the same pain, and the same loneliness. But each time you come around, you’re stronger from the climb.”

-Glennon Doyle Melton

Eye movement therapies accelerate the healing process by allowing the participant an opportunity to let go of a belief, a feeling or a body sensation that might take them years of talk therapy to move away from.

I’ve witnessed those I assist through the application of eye movement therapies benefit from the qualitative effects of the treatment. I’ve watched a doorway open in the brain that allows my clients to joyfully add tons of healing, wisdom, peace and self-compassion to both their self-concept and their relationships.

Some of the things EMDR and ART are useful in treating:


Guilt Related to an Abortion

Narcissistic Abuse

Toxic Relationships

Sexual Trauma

Issues of Anger

Emotional Abuse


Self-Esteem Issues

Childhood Abuse


Domestic Violence

Health/Medical Trauma


For more information about EMDR, click below.


For more information about ART, click below.

Lydia Kickliter, LCMHC, LPC, LMHC | Asheville Therapist for Anxiety, Women, and EMDR

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