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Get Moving, Feel Better

As I write this blog, the song “Celebration” by Kool in the Gang is running through my head. That song always makes me think and feel free. Like “woohoo, I did it!” And you did do it, you survived that horrific sexual assault. But this vinyl recording (if you remember...

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Gently Visiting The Past

This Article is Featured in YourTango  Have you ever had the experience in which you’re out with a friend and you’re having the best time? You’re both laughing at the outfit of the person next to you and reminiscing about that time you thought an outfit very similar...

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Why Women Stay

I’ve been privileged to be gifted with the stories of survivors of domestic violence for nearly 20 years. I consider it a privilege, because for many of the women that shared their stories with me, it was often the first time they shared the story in such great...

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Me Too…

Me too. When I awoke and started scrolling through Facebook Monday morning the first post I saw was a “me too” post from a friend. And then another and then another. I spent a good deal of the day checking to see how filled with me toos Facebook would be. I knew it...

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Fear Is A Back Seat Driver

My intention with my new practice here in Asheville is to correct all the mistakes I’d made in my practice in Florida. Don’t laugh at me. I really am naïve enough to think that you can go back and fix stuff. Well, more accurately spoken that you can learn from the...

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We Need Each Other

It seems to me that we are experiencing trauma at a rate that we have never been exposed to previously. This morning, the first thing I heard from my husband was that there was a mass shooting in Vegas. There was a time in my life that the phrase mass shooting would...

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