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Lydia Kickliter, LPC, LMHC

As therapists we’re taught not to self-disclose – that we should simply be a blank slate and that it isn’t appropriate for us to disclose about ourselves in our sessions. While I agree that it isn’t appropriate for me to share my unresolved issues with my client, what I disagree with is the blank slate statement.

I am a human and as such I have made a ton (well more actually a shit ton) of mistakes. The good news about that is that I’ve learned from every one of those mistakes. I’ve learned not only about how to make my life better, but what works for other people to make change in their lives. That’s why my about page is actually about me.

I have done the work I will ask you to do if you decide to be my client. I have walked through the scary shadows of my past and when my past lost the power to impact my present I started showing up in my life. I work daily through mindfulness and yoga to maintain self-compassion. This is what I’d like to help you learn.

The clients that have the most success with my approach are the ones that are truly ready to work. They’ve reached a time in their life where they can no longer stand feeling badly about themselves for something that happened to them! They are ready to do the dirty work and realize that they have to commit to changes both in session and out.

I’ve spent a great deal of time and energy preparing myself for this work. Prior to my therapeutic work, I worked with the police in Largo, FL responding to domestic violence calls. I was a frontline advocate in a domestic violence shelter in Florida and I did my therapeutic training at the Crisis Center in Tampa Florida, assisting those affected by sexual assault and abuse. While I was at the Crisis Center I received training in EMDR, which is the cutting-edge treatment for trauma (explained in detail on the EMDR page). I knew that if I was going to be an effective therapist for the people entrusting me with their struggles, I would have to be able to give them what I consider the best tool out there for recovery.

I earned my Master’s degree in 2010 in Mental Health Counseling from Argosy University in Tampa and I have advanced training in EMDR. I’m certified in Trauma Focused CBT and I am a Certified Yoga Teacher. I am a licensed therapist in North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Lydia Kickliter, LPC | Asheville Therapist for Anxiety, Women, and EMDR

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