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Therapy For Showing Up

When life has kicked you in the ass, but you refuse to give up. This is a place for women who have survived the unthinkable: rape and domestic violence.

If you’re feeling ashamed, alone and as though the body you inhabit no longer feels like it belongs to you, I want you to know that there’s a way out. We can work together to create a hopeful and meaningful future.

"There's nothing more daring than showing up, putting ourselves out there and letting ourselves be seen."

-Brene Brown

If you’ve made it this far there’s good chance you’re growing tired of feeling scared and constantly on edge.

You’re not sure you can take one more well-meaning person asking you “what happened?”

Or you’ve been holding on to what happened and not shared with anyone and you feel as though you’re about to burst.

You are ready to make a change in how you manage life and even the past.

"Life is Brutal. But it's also Beautiful. Brutiful, I call it."

-Glennon Doyle Melton

I get it.

The first time I went to therapy I was terrified.

I couldn’t get much work done because I had let things get so out of control and so scary in my life that I couldn’t do more than just cry those first few sessions.

I know how hard it is to show up sometimes.

There are a million reasons to talk yourself out of seeking help through therapy. But there is also one very powerful reason to show up: if we don’t grow – we die!

It is essential to our survival to find a way to push through the fear and create the change we know we are capable of in our lives.

I offer in-person therapy services in downtown Asheville, North Carolina and I offer online therapy services in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Internationally.

We can’t undo the terrible things that have been done to you. What we can do is help you tap into your internal wisdom about how to take care of yourself. That wisdom is the key to turning post-traumatic stress into post-traumatic strength.

If you want more information about how I can help you recognize your value please call for a free phone or video consultation.

Lydia Kickliter, LPC | Asheville Therapist for Women Survivors

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In-Person Therapy Services are available in Downtown Asheville, North Carolina.

Online Therapy Services are available in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Internationally.


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